famous with friends

Monday, 15 September 2014

Those of you with a keen eye or a memory an elephant would be proud of may recognise this chocolatey offering. Yup, this is one from the archives I thought was due another airing. This is my famous-amongst-friends fridge cake; a recipe I pinched from my auntie when I was a teen and have honed and tweaked ever since. The best thing? You can make this in ten minutes flat, and after popping in the fridge over night - no cooking required - it is ready to be enjoyed. 

You will need
4 oz plain chocolate
(if you can't find plain, use half milk and half dark good-quality chocolate)
4 oz butter
4 oz raisins
1 tin condensed milk
10 oz digestive biscuits 

To make, pop your butter and chocolate in a pan on a very low heat (or in a bain marie) and melt together. In a mixing bowl start crushing the digestives with a rolling pin until you have a mixture of breadcrumb-like size and larger chunks of biscuit. To the biscuits, add the raisins, condensed milk and melted chocolate mixture. Line a square dish (I use this one) with greaseproof paper and pour in the mixture. Top with sprinkles, glacĂ© cherries, marshmallows or chocolate chips if you fancy. Leave for a few hours to set in the fridge - its best if you can leave overnight. Chop into bite-sized chunks and enjoy!

you already know

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Top H&M
Boots H&M
Necklace Accessorize

Just a quick post today as I have a banging headache as I write this and need to move away from the computer! This is what I wore out on Saturday night to celebrate turning the grand old age of twenty-seven. My weekend was spent eating good food and seeing family and friends; perfection. 

kitchen shortcuts #3

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

So, introducing the third part of my kitchen shortcut series. If you didn't catch parts one and two, be sure to check them out, they may save you a few minutes or pennies somewhere!

This time I'm talking pastes - these are a little shortcut I've only discovered recently. When making a curry from scratch a few months back I discovered what a bloody faff it is grating/peeling/preparing ginger, and was forced to find a simpler alternative. To Sainsbury's I went and found these guys by the fresh herbs - ginger paste and coriander paste. They cost just over a pound each, and claim to have 13 uses per bottle. One teaspoon of the coriander paste equates to a whole handful of coriander, which is great if you don't have any fresh or if you have run out of frozen cubes. I used it when making my coriander chicken recipe over the weekend and it worked really well! The ginger paste doesn't go quite as far, with a teaspoon of paste matching a teaspoon of grated ginger, but for me the saving is the ease!

I also have seen lemongrass paste, chilli paste, garlic paste among others!