Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The teacher in me finds great pleasure and satisfaction in writing lists. Be it the fairly boring 'to do' list, or the significantly more exciting 'to buy' list... to the incredibly dangerous 'I wish' list. Lyst covers it all - a site which allows you to create wishlists with brands from high end to highstreet, all in one place. I'm one of those people who in reality isn't particularly good at putting outfits together, and love tools like these for getting inspiration and styling tips. 

Lyst is super easy to navigate – once you find a lust-worthy item (it won’t take long, promise!) you are just the click of a button away from adding it to any one of your lists. Be it winter warmers, gift ideas, holiday garms or something for the fella. It really is so simple and user-friendly, no faffing around with complicated boards or images here! As I say, I love the idea of making mood boards - I could easily kill hours looking through and creating looks. 

My winter weather lyst is made up of soft knits, buttery soft leather and flashes of caramel tones. The Gucci bag just makes me swoon. And those boots! Insert smitten face here. The good news is your lysts can be as expansive or as selective as you like. This above is more of a specific outfit, but you can really go to town with huge great lysts. I can foresee this being entirely addictive... and damaging for the 'house buying' fund. 

On a slight aside - what are we thinking about long cardigans? Are they making a comeback? 

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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Another super easy festive gift idea, folks. I've blogged about my famous-with-friends fridge cake before... today however, its been Christmas-ified. That's right, in a few easy steps this incredibly easy and tasty recipe can be tweaked to be the perfect Christmas gift. I promise you, you'll become everyone's new best friend once they've tried these!

I followed my regular fridge cake recipe, but substituted half the 4oz of raisins for dried cranberries, threw in some white chocolate chips, and finished with my favourite Christmas sprinkling of bronze crunch. I saw in Sainsburys orange flavoured dried cranberries (in the baking aisle) which would work really well! 

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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Last weekend I jumped in my car and hopped it up the M4 to Cardiff. It'd been a while. I lived in Cardiff for four years in total - three when I was doing my undergrad (way back in 2006, where I met Rich... feeling old!) and then another year when I was doing my teacher training. When I lived there I held a lot of love for the city, but boy was I blown away on this visit! Cardiff has always had a great buzz, and in my time there a huge Topshop was built (every girl's dream), loads of new restaurants popped up and when I returned for my teacher training the new St David's 2 shopping centre had just opened. Having thought that alone was rather lovely, I was shocked to return this time to find a whole load of amazing shops, restaurants and bars had infiltrated the city. Think Burger and Lobster, Cosy Club, Wahaca... as well as some really amazing looking burger and BBQ joints. Cardiff, you've made it into the 21st century! 

I visited with a couple of my pals from my teacher training days, and we stayed in the Maldron hotel. Great location and affordable rooms, it was perfect. Obviously we were wooed by St Davids 2 and spent a few too many hours in and out of the shops, as well as stopping for food and drinks every couple of hours. We also visited Winter Wonderland which was pretty... crap. Yeh, it never was great, but this year it really did seem to be naff-tastic. The German Christmas market in town was much nicer, with bratwursts and mulled wine on every corner. Dreamy!

This little trip back to the Welsh capital has made me really miss my student days, and long for the ability to live somewhere so central but at an affordable price. I always forget how reasonable the cost of living is in Wales... it really does show how ridiculously overpriced Surrey (amongst others) is. You never know, maybe we'll make the move back one day...